Mobile patrol app that boosts guard tour and field inspection productivity with real-time monitoring and reporting.


Ridiculously Easy to Use

Easy Training

Spend less time training personnel and more time reporting on patrols. Our clients love the user experience and that their employees don’t need to spend hours learning a new piece of technology.

Set up in 10 minutes

PatrolLIVE offers the only mobile patrol app that can be setup and ready to use in less than 10 minutes.

Quick Reporting

Report Incidents, activity and get insights in real time. Users can easily send data on the go so that key responders can be on the scene as quickly as possible.


PatrolLive Features

Easy to use technology that provides a feature rich experience for our clients.

The PatrolLIVE app allows for clear and easy execution monitoring and compliance for your onsite patrol. Whether you’re in a traditional patrol environment or running a janitorial service, we can easily track and report your team’s activity.

Mobile Patrol App

Allows for guards, officers and other security personnel to give live updates as they tour routes. Get instant visibility to all key information for each checkpoint and location.

Custom Reports

Are instantly available after incidents and activity data is captured on scene. Key personnel can be alerted automatically to major incidents as they occur. Any web user can view activity detail and create reports customized to their needs.

Live Dashboard

Can be accessed either by web portal or mobile device. Collaborate with officers or clients to find the best way to utilize this guard tour solution.



PatrolLive Pricing

Schedule a demo and get a quote for customized pricing to meet your needs