Testimonial - Ryan S

What sets PatrolLIVE apart from all previous patrol verification systems, one of the most important benefits PatrolLIVE offers me is an exceptional Sales Tool. Any competitor that isn’t using PatrolLIVE is in jeopardy of losing their clients to someone who is. One of the biggest complaints I receive when I ask potential new clients why they are thinking of switching Security Providers is that they have no idea if the service they are paying for is actually occurring. When I demonstrate PatrolLIVE' s capabilities and functionality our discussion is no longer based on price but more on how they can get started with our Patrol Services.Thank you to the Development Team and Customer Service Team at PatrolLIVE for allowing me to be a Security Advisor and less of a Security Vendor because of the robust platform PatrolLIVE offers to not only my team but my clients as well!

- Ryan S